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8 steps to keeping your senior dog young

We love the folks at Animal Wellness Magazine. We recently saw a wonderful article on keeping dogs healthy as they age. As usual, we start out by giving full attribution to the author of the article, Melody Tavitian-Parra and our thanks to Animal Wellness Magazine. Here's a start to the article.  Then, grab the link… Continue reading 8 steps to keeping your senior dog young

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Why Dogs and Cats Are Acting Differently In Quarantine

Attribution: Article from: The Independent - Author/Reporter: Chelsea Ritschel, New York, Friday 24 April 2020 "YOUR DOG MAY BE TIRED OF ALL THE WALKS" The gist of this article is...  with so many people currently staying-at-home -- with no set date to return to work, pets are experiencing changes to their lives just as we… Continue reading Why Dogs and Cats Are Acting Differently In Quarantine

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Announcing: Sister Website

Smart Hemp CBD's parent company (Iron Star Ventures, LLC) has just launched a new pet products website.  Check it out at  The products sourced for pet owners are unique -- and in many cases, handcrafted. They include genuine baltic amber collars (naturally helping prevent flea and tick issues); handmade, heavy cotton chew toys; a… Continue reading Announcing: Sister Website