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Motivation (part 2)

Here begins the rest of the story.  Back in Minnesota the state legislature managed to create a situation that I considered to be untenable.  The rules were that they would award two licenses for companies to sell medical marijuana.  To apply cost $20,000 (non-refundable), win, lose or draw.  Those odds created a situation that I had no desire to participate in.  I apologize if my description of the above is not totally accurate, but it was a situation that I had no desire to participate in.  I think that I already said that, so we will move on.

I continued my research on CBD and became convinced that this stuff was the real deal.  Not a miracle drug but it’s efficacy is tremendous.  My research illustrated to me that CBD for pets did not appear on the radar.  I have a relative who operates a pet store in Los Angeles and I asked her to find us some pet CBD.  She struck out.  I searched online extensively and found nothing of any consequence.  I began to wonder how many of our pets could have been saved, or at least helped by CBD.  Finally, as the powers that be moved their chess pieces about, CBD became legal to sell in all 50 states.  However, for me, it created a conundrum as I have no experience in online commerce.

It was time to reach out to Tom.  There is a nonprofit foundation called Juvenile Diabetes No Limits and Tom has run it from the git go.  After conversations I was able to convince him that CBD was the real deal and he got involved in my quest to find how it could be used for pets.  We decided to name our project “Pet Club PCR”.  PCR stands for Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil Extract.  There is a reason that we went with that name.  Research indicated that certain online sites such as Google, Facebook, and others will not knowingly allow anything on their sites which they believe is in any way associated with Marijuana.  CBD may be legal in all 50 states, but the federal government still considers it otherwise.  (Thankfully the recently passed Farm Bill didn’t put CBD on the schedule 1 drug list – as it has no THC and is not harmful to anyone – including animals.)  We expect that hemp, CBD and other elements from the cannabis family to be further re-classified in the coming months and years.  Again, let me note anything Pet Club PCR markets has zero THC.  If you don’t know, THC is what gives you the “high” in marijuana.  Our hemp is tested before it is used and it is only procured from known and reputable sources.

We began working on our website and putting other pieces of the online puzzle in place.  There was a very large tradeshow in Las Vegas we attended.  It was quite an affair.  We were told that the first year the tradeshow was held there were 2,000 attendees, the 2nd year there were 10,000 attendees and last year there were 20,000.  The word on CBD and hemp derivatives and recreational marijuana (where legal) is out.

We attended this show to make contacts and we were very successful.  We returned to Minnesota and finished implementing our plans.  We are taking orders and shipping them.  We are working on expanding the product line and spreading the word that we have quality products at the best price.  Each day my research leads me to discover additional information that we will pass on thru our blogs, I never knew that there was so much research being done on pet health and well-being. Follow our blog and we will do our best to provide you and your pet with the latest information that we have!

You now have the “rest of the story”, but there will be much more to come!

The views represented in this blog are not meant to be taken as medical advice for humans of pets. Be sure to consult with a physician or vet when making any personal or pet medical decisions.  CBD is a supplement and any claims about it have not been evaluated by the FDA.  Nothing is meant to convey CBD will treat, cure or diagnose any medical problem.  

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