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Motivation (part 3)

I indicated in an earlier post that essentially everywhere I look these days I keep coming across references for pets and what you can do to enrich their life and yours as well.  Now, it’s easy to find information on how we can enrich and prolong our existence as human beings.  How about diet and exercise and all the things that go with those two?  We can find health food stores as well as exercise venues like 24-hour gyms all over the place.  It never used to be that way.  In my younger days, a long, long time ago, I used to say that the four essential food groups were sugar, grease, salt and chemicals.  For me, being a meat and potatoes guy, the meat handled the grease, the french fries covered the salt, sugar for desert, and chemicals were in most packaged or canned foods. (And still are).   So, you, the reader say, where is this guy going with this train of thought and how does this relate to my pet’s health and longevity.  And, what does this have to do with CBD?

Well, stand by and you will see!

I don’t usually talk about the past, but, I believe that this particular topic illustrates my lifestyle point.  I have a friend and this is his story.  He started flying airplanes in 1965 and was eventually hired by a major international airline in 1968.  He retired in 2001 as a Boeing 747 captain.  He retired not because  he wanted to, but because the FAA rules said that you could not fly commercially beyond age 60.  Physicals for airline pilots are mandatory and if you don’t pass you can’t fly.  Thus, each physical becomes a “you bet your job” type of situation and in those days a lot of pilots did not make it to age 60.  There were many who smoked, were overweight, and for whom exercise was a swear word.  However, education and necessity soon prevailed.  Smoking all but disappeared, exercise became the norm, and lots of dietary changes were made.  Thus, through the decades more and more pilots made it to mandatory retirement at age 60.  So, the FAA changed the rule and you can now fly to age 65.  (physicals permitting).  That change only makes sense.

This little story brings me back to CBD and the substantial reduction in pet longevity which I referenced in a previous blog.  You see, I am convinced that we feed our pets food that has so much garbage in it that it shortens their lives.  Here’s an example.  I took a can of cat food that I fed to Marbles, my elderly female cat, and compared the ingredients in that food to the ingredients in the can of chicken noodle soup that I had for lunch.  There were 12 lines listing the ingredients on the cat food can, most of which appeared to be chemicals about which I have no knowledge.  Plus, the only way that I could read them was with the help of a magnifying glass.  The soup, in contrast, had 8 lines of ingredients, most of which I was at least vaguely familiar.  It didn’t take a magnifying glass to read them and additional information provided such as no trans-fat and low in saturated fat, assists in informing one about that which you are actually eating.

Now then, what is one to do to offset this food which we feed our pets?  Obviously, begin by reading the labels and select the best food that you can find.  Feeding raw food is another possibility and I will cover that in a later blog.  However, there is an additional option. CBD.  I give my dog Rudy, CBD every day.  It’s like taking any other supplement such as a vitamin regimen, or perhaps a baby aspirin to help ward off a possible heart problem.  I believe that providing your pet with CBD can only help him to live a longer and less stressful life.  The state of Michigan just approved using cannabis to help with Parkinson’s.  That’s a big deal and I have no doubt that the use of cannabis is going to increase dramatically in the near future.  If it works on humans, there is a very good chance that it will also work on pets.

Heres a testimonial.  I also have Parkinson’s.  Nobody has ever been able to tell me how you get this disease but, I have it.  I also know that CBD passes the blood brain barrier.  When I started taking CBD I rapidly became aware in the change of the progression of this disease.  It slowed dramatically and almost stopped and remains that way to this day.  Now, the effects of CBD on an animal verses on a human have not really been studied and quantified. (At least not that I know of).  These studies always take time.  But, for me, I believe  that this stuff works, and I am taking it.  The reader might consider it not just for your pet, but also for yourself!!  Now, I have no formal medical training.  Absolutely none at all.  But, I am a pragmatist.  What works works and there must be a reason.  And that is why Rudy and I take CBD daily.  I also do not spend much time pontificating, but to the reader I would say “Think about it!”

The views represented in this blog are not meant to be taken as medical advice for humans of pets. Be sure to consult with a physician or vet when making any personal or pet medical decisions.  CBD is a supplement and any claims about it have not been evaluated by the FDA.  Nothing is meant to convey CBD will treat, cure or diagnose any medical problem.  

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