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Motivation (part 4)

This is the last of our 4-part “motivation” blog posts

This effort is not an advertisement or endorsement of any store or product.  It just so happens that yesterday’s mail had an offering called “Costco Connection”.  I guess that it is part sales catalog and part magazine.  This particular issue immediately caught my attention due to the cover which featured a large black dog with a red cape and the heading:  “Amazing tails!”  It then goes on to reference “Pickles, Crisis Response K-9.”  From there we go to “Heroic feats of Costco’s four-legged family members”.  Then, go to page 36.

I did and I read the article.  It had vignettes with titles such as Canine courage, Sleep alert, Sniffing out cancer, Response team, Helping children, Saving their own, Blood brothers, and Guard cat.  Really good stuff.  These types of writings greatly interest me as I strongly believe in the service dog concept and how these companions can be trained to help so many types of people in need.  I am referring to people with all kinds of needs such as the blind, returning combat vets with various needs, both physical and psychological and so on.

So, logically, I think, I decided to see what Costco offered in the way of pet products.  And, guess what.  The table of contents had a section starting on page 120 titled “Buying smart pet products”.  That article had lots of advice but most of it referred the reader to online Costco sites.  So, I decided to see what else was in this magazine/catalog.  I found ads for kitty litter and dental chews, as well as an article on a dog trained to sniff out bed bugs.  I found that article interesting as one of my businesses is rental housing and in the last decade or two bed bugs have become a significant problem.

My search struck out.  I could find no reference to what I consider to be a miracle supplement, CBD.  No reference, nada, zero. However, they did have special urns to place your beloved pet’s ashes in.  I would much rather keep my beloved family member alive rather than plan for his demise and I firmly believe CBD will help to extend that life.  That is why my partners and I have formed  We have put considerable research and effort into studying CBD and have gathered/created a variety of Smart Hemp CBD products to help your pet deal with many types of different problems as well as just working to increase the quality of their life as well as to extend their time on earth.  As their quality of life increases so does ours.  I am amazed at the response we get from pet parents who have tried our products and report back to us with so much gratitude for the response observed in their pets.

I am not a sales person.  Never have been and never will be.  I have always said that I could not sell a dying man an extra breath.  Now, a big however.  Go to and examine the offerings.  I am reasonably certain that you will find something that will help to resolve most major pet problems.  (Obviously, not all problems can be solved by CBD, but I believe many can.) When you see results please email us with the results.    We care and are working diligently to expand our product line and to get the “word out” about the efficacy of CBD.  Also, if you think of a type of situation that might benefit other pet parents please send me an email and I will attempt to include it in a future blog.

The views represented in this blog are not meant to be taken as medical advice for humans of pets. Be sure to consult with a physician or vet when making any personal or pet medical decisions.  CBD is a supplement and any claims about it have not been evaluated by the FDA.  Nothing is meant to convey CBD will treat, cure or diagnose any medical problem.  

Posted by: WAH, Pet Club PCR

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