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Who is Dunkel?

I was sitting at the table early this morning and had decided this quiet time was good to write the following blog.  My mind was relaxed and not cluttered with business hassles or appointments or phone calls which I needed to make, or any of the other myriad number of things which often fill my days.  So, I was looking at the pet section of the variety section of the local paper and spotted a Q&A column about helping a cat weather storms.  My original thought about a blog post had been to write about hot dogs – not the type you eat, but the problems associated with leaving a pet in a closed car which is parked in the sun.  But then I began to think about Dunkel.

Dunkel.  What is that or who is that, or just where is my mind taking me?  We go back about nearly a half century when my wife and I got married in late November.  Dunkel was this little black kitten that I gave her for a Christmas present.  Dunkel was small and energetic and would sometimes disappear and be quite hard to find.  She was strictly an inside cat, so you would think that finding her would not be a problem.

Then, she disappeared.  An extensive search could not find her.  In those days it was also legal and customary to burn your trash in a backyard incinerator.  After a period of panic…  and a search of the incinerator… we finally found Dunkel and she lived a full and happy life thereafter.  I write about this because of the cat that was having difficulty weathering storms.  The vet who answered the inquiry never once mentioned CBD.  CBD has been shown to have efficacy in dogs for many health issues one of which is relief from thunderstorm or fireworks phobia.  A survey of 631 pet owners reported in 2016 by American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association listed some of the most common successful uses of CBD oil for dogs.  The response that we have received from customers of Pet Club PCR has been positive for those owners who have also used CBD oil on their cats.

Our web site lists conditions like anxiety, allergies, aggressive behavior, arthritis, digestive issues, inflammation, joint pain, seizures, and much more.  My experience has been that this product really works.  Take a look at the site as we think it’s quite informative!  And by the way, we still miss having Dunkel around the house!

Next issue I will write about hot dogs.

The views in this blog are not to be interpreted as medical advice for humans or pets. Consult your physician or vet when making personal or pet medical decisions.  CBD is a supplement and has not been evaluated by the FDA — it is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition.   

Posted by: WAH, Pet Club PCR

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