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Hot Dog!

In a previous blog I referenced hotdogs. Of course, I was not writing about hotdogs that you eat, but the problems associated with leaving your pets in a car which is cooking in the sun. You see, the interior of that vehicle rapidly reaches very high temperatures and thus, so does your pet if left in the vehicle.

It seems to me that this summer has been quite warm in my state of Minnesota and as I read the news it appears that the long hot summer has had an effect on lots of the world.  Now, I realize that my blogs are primarily about CBD but I feel that the “hot dog” subject is very important so I am going to briefly touch on it.

As I researched the subject of dogs left in a hot car I was stunned with what I found — as well as my ignorance — concerning this subject. We all know that the interior of a car heats rapidly when left in sun light.  However, when I first examined a chart showing just how rapidly the interior temperature increases I was really surprised.  A simple example is if the outside temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit the interior temperature will rise to 99 degrees in only 10 minutes.  The entire chart is like that.  Temperature increases inside that vehicle are actually frightening.

Now, imagine what will happen to your pet.  Unlike humans, dogs are unable to sweat.  They rely primarily on their respiratory track to dissipate heat.  The more nasal surface the dog has the more efficient the heat dissipation process.  Thus, labs and German shepherds will be able to more rapidly dissipate heat with their long snout than will a flat faced, short snout dog like a boxer or pug.

Now then, consider the fact that your pet is wrapped in coat of fur, which, depending on the breed, may be very heavy, or not so heavy.  Even if it’s a light coat (short hair) it will still be hot.  I have always said that for a human like me I don’t mind a cooler temperature as I can always put on more layers of clothing but in hot weather I am limited as to how much clothing I can remove before I am arrested.  Your dog does not have that choice.

It does not take long before your furry friend will begin to experience very serious consequences from exposure to high temperatures.  Heat stroke is something that we all need to be aware of.  Even walking on hot pavement can have serious consequences.  There is ample information on the web and in dog publications.  I would suggest that reading an article or two might be informative.

As an aside, consider how you would feel walking barefoot on very hot concrete. If you watch much professional auto racing such as NASCAR® or Indy Car® you will often hear the commentator say something like “the temperature is 85 degrees but the track temperature is 115 degrees”.  In racing that temperature has a strong effect on tire performance.  For your dog, the protection he or she has are the pads on the feet.  For you, your shoes and socks are your protection.  Imagine if you were in your bare feet.  Ouch! Pain and tissue damage!  Your dog only has the pads on the feet.  Think about it.  Also consider the problems associated with cold weather.  In cold weather would you like to be outside in bare feet?

Pet CBD and all things associated therewith is the intended subject of these blog posts.  So, I apologize for my subject digression but will now switch back to the intended subject matter.  However, my research continually leads me into additional subjects about which I find my own knowledge to be deficient.  If I find an area to be lacking in my own knowledge and I am writing with the intent of helping pet owners to be more knowledgeable in caring for their own pets — I think that is a good use of my time.

The views in this blog are not to be interpreted as medical advice for humans or pets. Consult your physician or vet when making personal or pet medical decisions.  CBD is a supplement and has not been evaluated by the FDA — it is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition.   

Posted by: WAH, Pet Club PCR

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