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Helping Pets with CBD – The Growing Body of Research

If you’ve been reading any of our blogs,  you know the world of “cannabis” is fast losing its stigma — and the derivatives from cannabis (CBD / Phytocannabinoids / Hemp extracts, etc.) have been receiving lots of attention and positive press.  People are increasingly looking for CBD supplements for themselves — and soon, looking for cannabis infused food and consumer products.  But it extends to pets, too.

The veterinary world is hearing more people ask about CBD supplements for their pets — as many people will seek something natural before pharmaceuticals whenever possible.  However, there’s been limited structured research around CBD and pets – but it’s changing.  We want to summarize two recent research studies.

  1. Cornell University recently announced findings from a pharmacokinetic clinical trial in partnership with a CBD products company.  The participating dogs in the study were suffering from multi-joint pain and osteoarthritis.  Over 80% of the participating dogs saw improvements compared to dogs receiving a placebo.  The researchers were pleased with the “very promising initial results” – enough so they will move on to studies to more formally analyze CBD’s effectiveness in treating pain due to oncologic (cancer) situations and post-surgical pain.

They also report that CBD has been promising so far in treating a wide range of ailments in dogs, including Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (commonly associated with Alzheimer’s in humans or at least plaque buildup found in brain scans); and anxiety when faced with separation from owners or encounters with people they aren’t familiar with — or from thunder and fireworks.

So research is catching up and showing promising results for pain, arthritis, anxiety and cognitive disorders. Here’s another…

  1. Colorado State University is focusing on CBD for dogs with epilepsy (seizures).  Early results are showing 89% of dogs which received CBD in a clinical trial had a reduction in the frequency of seizures.  The study was initiated after the lead researcher at Colorado State University frequently received calls from veterinarians with questions about CBD.

It’s exciting that studies are being done to bolster what many believe is helping support the health of their pets.


Posted by: TJB, Pet Club PCR

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