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DNA Testing for Pets

As I have previously stated in prior blogs, I am amazed at the variety of subjects that I discover on my research concerning pets and CBD.  I was however, totally surprised at the subject matter of this blog.  DNA tests for your pets.  Have you ever had a DNA test for yourself?  I sure haven’t.  I have always considered myself to be kind of a mutt and can see no personal benefit except to satisfy curiosity.  I do see the advertising on TV and that would indicate that there must be a demand for this type of test.  But how would this type of test help my pet?

The dog DNA testing companies make claims that the results will help you make smarter, scientific-based decisions about health and veterinary care.  The problems start with breeding.  It appears that some folks believe that they can breed designer dogs.  Put two different breeds into one … and one will get a mixture of the two.  However, experience has shown that that designer pets are liable to have many problems.  The consequence of mixing two breeds for looks or other desired characteristics is that they often suffer horrible medical issues.  That leads to substantial medical bills and other assorted problems.  Then, consider the trauma that the poor dog undergoes.  He or she is hauled to the vet, may have surgery, and if the problems are too severe, the poor thing is euthanized.  All the suffering because some person wanted a designer pet.  Maybe they should think about the consequences for the pet.

Add to the trauma having a very sick pet where a cure has not been found.  Then, there is the final ride that you and your pet must take.  That is the ride you and your pet must take when you have had to make the decision to have your pet euthanized.  My pet was a boxer named Dozer.  I was his fourth owner.  We had many great years together but now, the best the vet could offer was hospice care.  He had a severe and untreatable cancer.  Hospice care would keep him alive for a while but for what purpose.  He would not be at home and we would not be together.  I imagine that Dozer would just be confused and miserable. So, we took that final ride to the vet.

I am copying 2 pictures from a horse rescue posting.  One of the pictures is from the Horse 1envelope and the other is from the literature.  So, I quote from the Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary.  “Many veterinarians believe that these ‘cartoon’ horses will experience a Horse 2lifetime of pain.  Horses can’t breathe through their mouths like humans can.  They must breathe through their nose.  So, when a horse’s nose is flattened in an extreme way, it means they will struggle every day of their lives just to breathe.  That means no running.  No jumping, or anything else.  They will struggle every day of their lives just to breathe.  It’s barbaric!  Can you imagine spending your entire life just trying to get a breath?  I know that there are human diseases that have similar problems but they aren’t caused by breeding to create a profit!

I personally believe that DNA testing and selective breeding is something that we can all do without.


Posted by: WAH, Pet Club PCR

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