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Itchy Pet Awareness Month

August is itchy pet awareness month! The campaign was started by the company Zoetis in order to raise awareness about skin disease in dogs and cats. “It’s important for pet owners and veterinarians to have the conversation and to raise awareness about itching in pets, because it’s the most common reason for dogs to see the vet,” says Zoetis Petcare’s Andrew Hillier.

Due to the larger amount of time spent outdoors in the summer months, pets tend to experience the most severe itch during the summer. Yet many owners don’t realize when the scratching behavior of their pet is abnormal.

Here’s everything you should know about itching:

  • Pets can start itching due to outdoor (pollen and plants) and indoor (dust mites and molds) allergens as well as parasites like fleas or mites, foods that are part of their main diet or treats, and chemicals in carpets, shampoos, detergents or on lawns.
  • Scratching is the most obvious sign of itch but biting, chewing, rubbing, frequent licking, recurrent ear problems, hair loss, body odor, and skin changes can be clues too.
  • Common over-the-counter medications don’t treat the true cause of itch and can prolong your pet’s suffering.
  • Seeking advice from a veterinarian is important to determine if the itch is caused by an infection, parasites, or allergy and what treatment can best help your pet.

As always, it’s best to err on the side of caution and consult your veterinarian if necessary.

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