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Cannabis Pig Diet

Dave Hoyle, a farmer from Forest Grove, Oregon, has a new idea about how to approach sustainability. On his family farm they grow cannabis as well as raise hogs. The farm uses organic practices to produce high quality plants, but just like any other farmer they still face the issue of waste. During the harvesting and pruning process of the cannabis plants a large amount of plant waste is produced. Instead of just throwing it away like many other farmers, Hoyle is taking a different approach by adding it to his hogs diet. According to Hoyle, the cannabis plant accounts for about 20-25% of the hogs diet by weight.

The main concerns from people are “how does it affect the pigs?” and “what do the pigs taste like?” The part of the plant that gets fed to the pigs would have to go through a process in order for the very minimal amount of THC in the plant to be psychoactive. So essentially they are just eating leaves and stems from a healthy, nutrient dense plant. As far as how the pigs taste, the hogs are noted to be richer in color and flavor than your standard hog with an overall better taste and quality.

In the agricultural community sustainable practices are intended to protect the environment, expand the Earth’s natural resource base, and increase production for human food and fiber needs. Hoyle has found a way on his family farm to produce a unique, high-quality product while also working towards those goals of sustaining the earth and increasing production.

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