General Pet Information, Smart Minutes Videos

What Are CBD Smart Minutes?

CBD Smart Minutes are our new short, information video series.  They are intended to be informational and help people understand the topic of CBD in generally, and more specifically, for pets. They are meant to help pet owners make a SMART CHOICE when buying CBD and hemp products for their pets.

We’ll post videos here in our blog — as well as having them available on our YouTube channel, our Facebook and LinkedIn pages.  Feel free to go to each one of them and click “Like” or “Follow”.  And of course, follow us here in our blog — because we add other content other than videos!

Thank you!
Team Smart Hemp CBD

Please note that Smart Minutes Videos are not meant to substitute for care by a veterinarian. We encourage everyone to research CBD and other supplements and nutritional products for their pets carefully. The FDA requires CBD marketers to post the disclaimer that “The FDA has not evaluated CBD products and CBD products are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any disease”.  


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