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Avoiding Heat Stress in Dogs

As summer weather is still ongoing in many parts of the country and it's still hot and muggy, it’s important to remember that much like us, our canine companions can overheat. Heat stress and heat stroke is something to take very seriously. If untreated, heat stress can cause some serious damage to your pet's health… Continue reading Avoiding Heat Stress in Dogs

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Puppy Dog Eyes – A New Study

A new study performed by researchers at the University of Portsmouth in the U.K. has found that dogs’ eyebrows have changed dramatically so they can communicate better with us. The reshaping of dogs’ eyebrow anatomy makes their faces and emotions easily readable to humans. The study is the latest example of how 20,000 years of… Continue reading Puppy Dog Eyes – A New Study

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Quality CBD Sellers Cooperative

This summer, the companies of the Quality CBD Cooperative participated in a CBD marketplace event in New York City. While many of us sell something similar to each other – we all have unique products to offer. Our goal to promote the quality companies of this Cooperative. You may be reading this because you know… Continue reading Quality CBD Sellers Cooperative

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Pet Owners Find Challenges with New Opioid Law

Curbing Minnesota’s opioid crisis means owners of sick pets may need to make more trips to their pharmacies. At the beginning of August Minnesota put a new opioid law into effect. Certain aspects of the law have caused confusion and concern in the veterinary community. The new law puts a time limit on when opioid… Continue reading Pet Owners Find Challenges with New Opioid Law