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For Those Who Haven’t Considered CBD for Dogs

This is one of those posts where we make an announcement vs. bringing some news of the dog and pet world. We promise to get more content posted soon. But today, we want to let people know (and ask for help spreading the word) — that for those people who haven’t yet tried CBD for their dog (for whatever reason — maybe it’s not knowing where to start or they don’t want to spend a lot of money to try) — we’re announcing our “TRIAL PACK” program.

We’re starting with our popular Hemp Meal, Soft Bites and Jerky flavored chewable tablets (yes, chewable for a dog! No need to hide in food or use pill pockets, etc.)

We specifically set out for these Trial Packs to be under $20 and they are just that! And as for shipping, a flat rate $4.95 just helps us cover the cost of postage and the packaging required to send trial packs.

Please help us spread the word — as there many more people out there who haven’t tried CBD for their dogs and pets as there are that use CBD and love it for their beloved companions.

The website is https://MySmartHempCBD.com

Thanks! ~ Team Smart Hemp CBD


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