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Welcome to this blog site. Smart Hemp CBD is all about you and your pet. Our goal is to provide you with interesting information about pets — be they dogs, cats, horses, and others.  We will provide you with information we learn by being part of the “pet sector” and link you to interesting articles, educational content, videos and other blogs so you can learn something new about your beloved companions.

Smart Hemp CBD has a separate site offering a growing number of products for your pet.  From time-to-time, we’ll let you know about other new, fun products from entrepreneurs in the pet industry.  (We love entrepreneurs — for their creativity, development and introduction of new products and services and their quest to give pet owners something different and unique.)

Please enter your email in the space provided in this blog so you can be sure to receive notices of new posts. (We won’t rent or sell your information.)  And should you have questions about your pet(s)… please feel free to send us a comment or note and we’ll do our best to have our team find information we can add to this blog through an updated post.

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The Smart Hemp CBD team


Remember — nothing we say in the blog site (or the various blog entries) is meant to convey advice (medical or otherwise).  We always recommend you seek the professional help of your veterinarian when your pet needs medical assistance.