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8 steps to keeping your senior dog young

We love the folks at Animal Wellness Magazine. We recently saw a wonderful article on keeping dogs healthy as they age.

As usual, we start out by giving full attribution to the author of the article, Melody Tavitian-Parra and our thanks to Animal Wellness Magazine.

Here’s a start to the article.  Then, grab the link at the end and click over to Animal Wellness Magazine and read the rest.  Thanks for reading!
~ Team Smart Hemp

A wholistic approach ranging from diet and exercise to mental stimulation and immune support can help keep your senior dog young, happy and healthy.

Our dogs are our best friends, so as they enter their golden years, we want to make sure we’re providing them with the best care and quality of life we can.

Rather than fearing the changes that old age brings upon our canine companions, we can transform this chapter of their lives into a celebration of healthy aging. These eight holistic tips will help keep your own senior dog young.

(Here are the first 2.  To read the rest, click the link at the end of the first 2 tips)

1. Start with a healthy diet

It should go without saying that a healthy high quality diet made from whole food ingredients, without any cheap fillers or additives, is vital to your dog’s well-being, no matter what his age.

2. Make sure he’s exercising

Some people think that senior dogs should not be walked, but some exercise every day is important to their physical and mental well-being. A healthy dog should receive two 30-minute walks a day, every day of the week. If your dog is arthritic, however, or has other health issues, you can reduce the length of his walks from 30 to 15 minutes; foregoing exercise altogether will only increase joint stiffness. A body in motion stays in motion.

3. Take your senior dog to the vet for regular check-ups

4. Engage him in play, training and tricks

5. Keep his immune system strong

6. Consider acupuncture

7. Support his digestion

8. Listen to your senior dog

One of the best ways to keep your dog young is by letting him know he is significant and well-loved. Follow the steps in this article to keep him as healthy and active as possible, and stay tuned in to what he is trying to tell you. Finally, regardless of how old he is, treat him as young as he behaves, and you’ll have a happy, active dog!

READ THE REST by going to Animal Wellness.  Click here

Team Smart Hemp: In addition to what the author has written, we also suggest you consider:

  1. Talking to your vet about approved vitamin supplements.
  2. At Smart Hemp CBD we obviously sell a variety of CBD products for pets that are formulated by premier formulators. Quality CBD is natural and is proving more and more to be a safe addition to daily care.  (We’ll be posting more information about CBD testing in future blogs.  We have an association with Dr. Silver and his new podcast series will be addressing the safety of CBD he and his colleagues are starting to report on based on new and ongoing studies being done about CBD in pets.)
  3. Consider the raw diet for dogs.  We have an association with the founders of Rah Raw.  They will be happy to consult with you about adding “raw” in an appropriate manner for a senior dog.  

Smart Hemp CBD
Rah Raw 
Animal Wellness Article 



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