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Welcome to the Pet Club PCR blog! We are excited you found your way here as we’ve built this site to provide information, news, product reviews, and content oriented to pet health, pet happiness, and pet life.

As pet owners, we know pets provide us with good things, like unconditional love, lightheartedness, and someone for us to care about. But did you know that many of these good things pets provide us are actually helping us say healthy? It’s true and there is science to prove it.

There’s an interesting article from Mother Nature Network that summarizes twelve (12) ways how pets are good for our health. The twelve ways range from fitness to dealing with allergies. Here’s a link to the article so you can read about the twelve ways pets are good for our health.

Personally, I like #6 on the list that says pets “Make You A Social – and Date – Magnet.” Just think how many times you walk your dog and how people will approach you or even ask about your pet’s name. Pet’s just make you more approachable. The article cites a college study in which students watched videos of two psychotherapists (one with a dog and one without). Students felt more positive toward the ‘with dog’ therapist stating they would be likely more willing to disclose personal information to that person.

The social elements of pet ownership are significant. We care for our pets and they, in turn, care for us — helping us deal with stress, pain and even disease. For many people it was a reason for becoming a pet owner. We wanted a pet to take care of and for companionship and to be part of the family — and now we know pets bring us so much more.

Again, take a look at the article for all the information of the twelve ways pets are good for our health.

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