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VIDEO: Serving Sizes and Dosing for Pets – Part 2

In this segment of CBD Smart Minutes Videos, we continue the discussion about dosing and serving size for pets. If you’ve got history of using CBD with your pet and know what works — we recommend staying with it. If you haven’t used CBD for your pet, some say start very low and work up. (i.e. 0.1mg/kg of body weight). Problem is, for many pets, it’s so low a pet owner doesn’t see the desired results and may quit. Our veterinarians (and some studies) indicate starting a bit higher for the first week (i.e. 0.6 to 0.7mg/kg of body weight) and then dropping down to 0.4 to 0.5mg/kg of body weight thereafter. With Smart Hemp CBD, our goal is to get you “in the target zone” and then as you adjust for your pet’s particular need or issue, you’ll be starting from a good place. (A Serving-Size Chart for Smart Hemp CBD products can be found on the Smart Hemp CBD website located at https://MySmartHempCBD.com)


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