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VIDEO: Serving Sizes and Dosing for Pets – Part 1

In this segment of CBD Smart Minutes Videos, we start the discussion about dosing and why it’s important to make sure your CBD-for-pets supplier is clear about how much to give your pet. Too much isn’t necessary (and can cause upset stomach or more sleepiness than desire) – and too little, and you won’t see the results you were hoping for. With Smart Hemp CBD, our serving sizes are based on input from veterinarians and other studies. We get you “in the target zone” and then as you adjust for your pet’s particular need or issue, you’ll be starting from a good place. This is Part 1 – be sure to watch Part 2 as well! (A Serving-Size Chart for Smart Hemp CBD products can be found on the Smart Hemp CBD website located at https://MySmartHempCBD.com)

Look for Serving Size and Dosing – Part 2 to be posted soon!

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Please note that Smart Minutes Videos are not meant to substitute for care by a veterinarian. We encourage everyone to research CBD and other supplements and nutritional products for their pets carefully. The FDA requires CBD marketers to post the disclaimer that “The FDA has not evaluated CBD products and CBD products are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any disease”.  


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