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The Raw Pet Diet (and Coco’s Heart)

My research of pet health and various reasons why pet longevity has been decreasing thru the years continues to lead me to places where I never expected to find myself.  And, here we are again.  You see, as I research various subjects pertaining to pet health, I am rapidly becoming convinced of the value of a raw food diet for dogs and cats.

Allow me to explain.  We at Pet Club PCR were approached by the principals of Rah Raw pet food.  Following several meetings and seeing customer testimonials extolling the virtue of Rah Raw’s products we created an arrangement whereas Raw Raw would also make Pet Club’s Smart Hemp products available to their clients.  This should be a win-win for both companies’ customers.

Last weekend we attended a dog show in Hudson Wisconsin.  It was organized by Coco’s Heart, a pet rescue group. Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue’s mission statement is as follows:

Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue is a primarily volunteer-driven organization that welcomes dogs to rescue from unfortunate situations and houses them in volunteer foster homes while preparing them for adoption placement. We focus on evaluating each dog’s needs, provide high quality veterinary care, and work towards finding them a lifelong match with an  adoption placement. We strive to educate our community on the importance of rescue, our specific rescue efforts, responsible pet ownership, and the difference each person can make on the lives of dogs in need. Coco’s Heart 

We had traveled to Wisconsin to give support to Rah Raw and to answer any questions that might arise.  There were many dogs present.  They were there with the volunteers who were usually the ones who were providing the boarding necessary until the dog is adopted.  There were lots of folks and lots of dogs.  The dogs that could be adopted wore red handkerchiefs around their neck with the words “adopt me”.  When I went to Coco’s web page I was pleased that they have an extensive vetting process to be certain that potential adopting parents are really suited to adopt a pet. That works well for both the dog and the future dog parent.

I would also recommended a trip thru the Rah Raw web site as I found it to be both informative and enlightening.  For informational purposes I am going to plagiarize a few short segments from their site.

“Is feeding raw better than feeding Kibble?  Dry and canned pet foods were created for a cheap, convenient way to feed your pet with little or no mess.  Kibble is cooked at a high temperature for long periods of time, which destroys most of the nutrients. Cheap additives such as grains are placed in pet food as fillers, which are difficult for your pet to digest.”  Subjects such as: benefits of feeding rawwhy should I feed my pet raw, and how to transition to a raw diet and so on are included.

Liver!  I can’t stand the stuff.  My bride of almost 50 years however, just loves the stuff.  I’ve always thought that Freud would have found her to be an interesting subject and this is just another indicator of that.  Evidently, many dogs must feel as I do about liver as Rah Raw has A FEW WORDS IN THEIR FOOD SECTION ON HOW TO MAKE LIVER PALATABLE TO YOUR PET.  I will have to make sure that my bride does not see this or she may try to experiment. No thanks!

In a previous effort I mentioned the ingredient list in a can of cat food and compared it to the list on a can of chicken noodle soup. Rah Raw had billboard type listings at the Coco’s Heart gathering.  They provide lists of healthy food, categories of protein and organ meats, vegetables, and fruits, and lists of unhealthy or harmful foods.  I found these lists to be very informative and educational.  Rudy likes ice cream.  Sorry Rudy, but that’s a no-no!

Tom, my business partner in this venture took pictures of these lists and will attach them here.  I am an old codger and lack the technical expertise to make some of this stuff work.  So, until the next time, I leave you with an old pilot saying, “Keep the blue side up”.  It works better that way!

IMG_2726 IMG_2728

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