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5 Things to do Before Bringing Home Puppy

This blog is based on the blog of  HerefordDoodles — “a girl and her best friend”  You can visit her blog by clicking here.  We liked this blog as it’s a nice, short checklist of what to do when you bring your new furry friend home.  Here is a portion of her blog.

“I wanted to give you all a few tips for preparing your home for the new furry arrival. One thing I want to advise against first is not to get a puppy on a whim, they’re huge responsibilities that need lots of love and care. Not to mention shots and vet visits!

  1. Find a vet you trust before picking your puppy. This isn’t always an issue if you live in a town with only one vet, however if you live in a good size city there’s going to be lots of options. It’s also a good time to consider whether or not you’re going to invest in pet insurance.
  2. Puppy proofing your home is essential before bringing home the furry friend. Cords that can be chewed could be tapped up, or even strung through some PVC pipe. Anything you don’t want chewed up should find a drawer or a place well above puppy’s reach.
  3. Bring a blanket and a snuggle toy with you to pick up your pup. When you get there, let your furry friend’s litter mates and parents play with or touch these items. Later when your new puppy is home and lonesome these will be comforting to them, as they’ll smell like everything they’ve always known.
  4. Have puppy pads, kennel, bed, and anything else you want for the new member of your family ready before bringing them home.
  5. Leash and collar are also important to have at the ready when heading to get your new best friend.

There’s many tiny details that are hard to plan for when bringing another creature into your house. Hopefully these five tips will help.”

Thanks, HerefordDoodles!   If you’re looking for a new laser engraved collar, tag or leash, we really like the folks at dogID’s. Visit their online store here.  (tell them you were referred to them by PetClubPCR)  And if you’re ready to purchase CBD supplements for your pet (cat, dog, horse)… jump over to


Posted by: TJB, Pet Club PCR

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